WOGG   (Arrow, 1998)

ô and ©1998 Gary Bishop and Bill Bryan

This special takes place in the world of Dark Oz, a world like the one in which Dorothy ventured, but one on the verge of being overrun by the forces of evil. Queen Ozmaís kingdom is under attack by Goblins who have virtually razed the countryside. The forces of evil seem unstoppable, and the only ray of hope seems to be that old ally, Wogglebug, has reappeared to join the Emerald City defense. The Wogglebug is an erudite being, half-man and half-bug, who seems like nothing so much as a martial version of a loved, childhood, plush toy. In the world of Oz, his help would be exactly the sort of thing that would turn the entire battle around.

Öbut this isnít Oz. Itís Dark Oz.

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Dark Oz tie-in one shotBill Bryan, Stuart KerrBill Bryan