The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath

    (Malibu, 1996)
and 1996 Malibu Comics Entertainment, Inc.

In The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations, Rose Autumn received a life-altering shock when the man she believed was her father stood revealed as a robot. In The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath, her reality continues to unravel with the revelation of her ties to the invading alien force called the Progeny and her expected role in the coming conflagration.

As the third part of the Phoenix Resurrection trilogy, this title actually has very little to do with the Phoenix entity. The conflict concerning the Phoenix was resolved in the second chapter. Although the fate of Amber Hunt, who was possessed by the Phoenix, is revealed here, this title serves mainly to introduce Rose Autumn as Foxfire.

George Haberberger

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Continued in Foxfire (Malibu) #1Dan Abnett, Ian EdgintonJeff Lafferty, John Cleary, John Royle, Pino Rinaldi

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Ultra Gold Limited Edition; Continued in Foxfire (Malibu) #1Ian Edginton, Dan AbnettJeff Lafferty, John Cleary, John Royle, Pino Rinaldi