Trauma Corps

 TRAF   (Anubis, 1994)

ô and ©1993 Tom Simonton

Itís not easy being a member of Trauma Corps. Every day involves battles against gruesome monsters right out of prehistory; hulking beasts like an Almagado creature; and other take-no-prisoner types of foes. Whatís worse is when you canít even trust your own kind, as the soldier Dagger discovers when he is betrayed by his commander, Bolt, and set up to be killed. Forced to fight his fellow corps men and cross an entire spacecraft to make Bolt pay, heís lucky to have allies, like the beautiful and deadly Icon, at his side. Perhaps Boltís dreams of being Overlord have just encountered a roadblock.

Featuring early work from creators such as Joe Madureira, Kyle Hotz, and Tom Simonton, the series is published in color by Anubis Press.

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Ashcan #0

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