The Lash of Lady Lovelock

 LOLL   (B&D Pleasures, 2004)

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In the sadistic world of sex–slave traders, any woman in the world is fair game, no matter her station or background. But in this arena, Lady Lucretia Lovelock rules supreme as the undisputed queen of Mistresses. In the battle of wills that is always a part of breaking a new slave, she’s never failed to fully dominate her reluctant trainees, and even retains dominance over those slaves that have themselves managed to graduate to the status of Mistress.

Of course, in this world, no mere woman can truly hold power, and even Lady Lovelock knows she rules only at the whim of the powerful Master of Manor de Sade, Sir Anthony. Despite her success and authority, she knows that her survival depends on her ability to walk a cruel tightrope between her dominance of others and her submission to her own master.

— Joseph Self

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