(Barker Saur-Head, 1992)
and 1992 Barker Saur-Head Press

This flip-book features a warrior woman who deals with sexual advances from pretty much every male in this sword-and-sorcery setting. Fortunately, Boora the Barbarienne seems up to the challenge.

The other side of the book, Syfox, also features Mega-Guy and Mega-Babe the Mega-Twins, essentially the Superman and Supergirl of super-hero porn set. Syfox herself flies and wears a barely-there leotard for ease of removal, apparently, and when she and the Mega-Twins take on a couple of villains who are rampaging through a sprawling metropolis, sex seems to be the weapon of choice especially when the heroines are confronted with an alien who is, um, doubly endowed.

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