War Dancer

    (Defiant, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Defiant, a division of Enlightened Entertainment Partners, L.P.

Sally Throckmorton knew she was crazy—or at least a little unhinged ever since her nervous breakdown. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t go completely batty when a huge black pyramid appeared in her back lot. On top of this pyramid was a man, dressed (as Sally put it) “like the Mayan god of Rock ’n’ Roll.” It was obvious that this man was not a local.

The man—Ahrq Tsolmeq, known here as War Dancer—had been summoned by a sort of homing beacon and believed he was to be reunited with a long-lost love. Instead he wound up on the wrong planet, attacked by bikers, and chased by a band of thugs from Plasm. Ahrq was able to easily outfight them, displaying uncanny speed and fighting ability. As it turned out, Ahrq was normally a being of pure energy, and had only recently taken on his material form. And it didn’t take long for him to realize that something was wrong on this new world.

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1st Appearance of War Dancer (Ahrq Tsolmec)Alan Weiss, Jim ShooterAlan Weiss


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 Alan Weiss, Jim ShooterAlan Weiss


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 Alan Weiss, Jim ShooterAlan Weiss


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Origin of War Dancer; Giant-sizeAlan Weiss, Jim ShooterDavid Taylor


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 Alan Weiss, Jim ShooterMichael Netzer, Alan Weiss


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Final IssueAlan Weiss, Jim ShooterAlan Weiss