Joe Sinn

 JOES   (Caliber)

©1993 Scott Finley and Brooks Hagen

Joe claimed to be just a regular tech when the Army conscripted him. Later, he was the only survivor of a massacre at a little burg called Taiwo-Cambodia. Some people wanted to find out why…

Fleeing, he stowed away in a cargo plane. When he touched down in a faraway city, he encountered Nikki, an agent of the Resistance. The Resistance were a group who, as Nikki put it, “Didn’t think wars should be sponsored by Nabisco.” Within hours, Joe had been asked to kill a stranger—and had woken up next to a dead girl.

That’s when Joe Sinn went through some serious changes. He had a suit of armor made, emblazoned with the “what goes up must come down” logo he found on the body of the dead girl. He then strapped on a device of his own design which allowed him to electronically supercharge his own body chemistry—and was ready to take on the world.

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B&WScott FinleyBrooks Hagan

#1 Limited Edition

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Limited editionScott FinleyBrooks Hagan


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Final issue (others never released)Scott FinleyBrooks Hagan