City People Notebook

    (DC, 2000)
™ and ©1989 Will Eisner

Cities are more than a collection of buildings and streets. At the heart of all cities are the many people who live in them. Will Eisner provides keen observations on city people in a series of sketches that detail the everyday rigors and joys of city living. By cleverly dividing his book into three different themes—time, smell, and space—Eisner deftly maneuvers through city streets in slice of life stories which illuminate everything from romance, to loneliness, to crime, to homelessness. With a tremendous ability to bring raw emotion to even the most peripheral characters, Eisner’s smooth story telling, often comprised of borderless panels, brings the city to life in vibrant, detailed depictions of everyday living. From the upper class to the lower class, from uptown to downtown, from day to night and everything in between, city life has never been more compelling.

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