Soldiers of Freedom

    (AC, 1987)
™ Americomics, ©1987 Frank Zenau

Clones of the hero known as Captain Freedom are located all over the world, providing each nation with its own protectorate. But now the clones are being systematically killed, slowly destabilizing the world. Behind the deaths is a secret terrorist organization known as Fez carrying out its evil missions around the globe while at the same time providing support to other terrorist organizations. The real Captain Freedom may be able to stop them. There’s only one problem: he’s one of Fez’s prime targets. Also included in this comic is the separate story “Precious Metal” which follows the adventures of a woman known as Caprice who is caught in the middle of a violent war over Uranium in Northern Chad. She will risk her life to protect the women and children peasants struggling to survive. But will she succeed?

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2 copies available from $0.99
 Frank XenoJ.C. Ponce, Joe Mongcal


2 copies available from $0.99
 Frank XenoDell Barras, Cal Sobrepena