Sky Ape: All the Heroes

    (AiT/Planet Lar, 2003)
™ and © AiT/Planet Lar

“Yeah!” is of course the only appropriate response to the release of a new Skyape graphic novel and “More of the same” nicely sums up the contents. Once again the creators push back the boundaries of narrative linear storytelling to produce something much larger than any mere “saga” or “epic.” It’s an actual explosion, one that dares ask the question, “Rex Mantooh who?” Clearly, there’s room for just one alpha primate at the top of the comics food chain, and that’s Skyape, King of Adventure!

There’s so much, but you keep wishing there was more; more room for characters like Senorita Tough Guy, Outboard Jones, Jive Hamlet, and Birthday Boy. And of course, more room for Skyape, who’s constantly threatened to be washed off the page by a veritable avalanche of incredible creations. And yet, completely unexpectedly, at the very end there’s a nice little story by Jen Wang called “Pierced” about, well, a young girl’s first piercing. It has absolutely no business being there, but it’s utterly charming and strangely affecting.

— S.A. Bennett

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