Peter Pan: Return to Never-Never Land

 PPRL   (Adventure, 1991)

™ and © Adventure Comics, a division of Malibu Comics Entertainment

“Head for the second star on the right and then straight on till morning…when you reach Antares, make a sharp left.” You see, Never-Never Land is never in the same place twice, but not to worry…Peter Pan always finds his way back!

In this charming played-straight sequel to James Matthew Barrie’s classic book, the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up returns to modern day Earth to enlist the aid of a cowboy and bring him back to the enchanted island where the Lost Boys are held captive by a band of savage Indians. In Roxbury, Massachusetts, Peter finds young Jerry Applewaite. Together with his older brother Mike they fly off to rescue the boys.

Actually, the Indians are not too savage—it is only the attempt made by the old chief’s daughter Tiger Lily to force Peter to marry her. But to marry her, Peter would have to—yuck!—grow up. And you know that’s not going to happen!

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