Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

 JGTF   (Topps, 1993)

™ and ©1993 New Line Cinema Corp.

Friday the Thirteenth was a horror movie that virtually defined the “slasher movie” genre. Its gruesome star was Jason Vorhees, a relentless hockey mask-wearing killer with an insatiable appetite for killing camping teenagers in Crystal Lake. After what seems like countless sequels, we at last come to what is billed as “The Final Friday.”

The story begins when a beautiful woman moves into a cabin on Crystal Lake. Naturally, Jason appears out of nowhere to kill her, but this time the surprise is on him. The woman was an FBI agent sent to lure Jason into the open. He is cornered, and in a spectacular rain of bullets and explosives, is apparently killed.

But as anyone knows, it’s hard to keep a bad man down. A coroner becomes fascinated with his still-beating heart and inexplicably…eats it. He then becomes possessed by Jason—the first of many as Jason seeks his unearthly revenge!

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Glowing coverAndy MangelsCynthia Martin


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