Blaze: Legacy of Blood

 BLO4   (Marvel, 1993-1994)

™ and ©1993 Marvel Entertainment Group

Johnny Blaze was always someone who was willing to do whatever it took to save the lives of those close to him. When he was much younger, he was a stunt rider in “Crash” Simpson’s circus. When he learned that Crash was dying of cancer, Johnny turned to the dark powers of the occult, offering his soul to save Crash. That deal led Johnny to become the first Ghost Rider, and his life has never since been the same.

For the last few years, Johnny has been spending his life accompanying the latest Ghost Rider as one of the “Spirits of Vengeance.” Now, what he wants more than anything else is to be left alone with his wife and children in peace. But that is not to be. An elder race called the Blood has had a part in kidnapping them for its own purposes. Now Johnny, horribly scarred by previous battles with darkness, must rejoin the fight once more in order to save his family.

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