Vic Jordan

    (Argo, 1945)
™ and ©1945 Argo Publications

Vic Jordan was a World War II-era adventure comic strip that ran in Sunday newspaper comics sections during the early 1940s. Vic was a trenchcoated man of action—ostensibly a reporter, but most proficient at getting into trouble. He was assisted by an attractive and intrepid girlfriend and an enigmatic figure known as the Noose. To call Vic Jordan “inspired” by Milton Caniff’s groundbreaking adventure strip Terry and the Pirates understates the matter considerably. Entire pages of Vic Jordan appear to be swiped directly from panels of “Terry,” and Jordan artist, Paine, does his best to bridge any transitions with halftone effects lifted from Roy Crane’s Captain Easy. Vic Jordan appeared in comic book form only once, though the publisher appeared to have bigger things in mind since the sole issue ends in a cliffhanger and a “thrilling next issue” is promised.

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