Patrick the Wolf Boy Wedding Special

    (Blindwolf, 2003)
ô and © Blindwolf Studio

A husband glances through the latest issue of his wifeís gardening magazine, as he goes through the mail, and, not being a gardener himself, would swear that the same issue is mailed out month after month.

Patrick the Wolf Boy is much like that gardening magazine. In every issue, regardless of circumstance, heís always chasing squirrels, speaking in one-syllable grunts, and just barely staying out of trouble. And the typical cover motif is a 3/4 shot of a running Patrick, right foot always forward. Frickiní always.

So what?

Amid what could be construed by the untrained eye as boring repetition lies a quirky and innocent charm thatís always likeable. And funny. After all, how many times have readers seen Snoopy slip into his Red Baron fantasy or Dagwood plow into the mailman or Sarge pummel Beetle Bailey to a pulp? Somehow, itís always good for at least a chuckle, the kind that Baltazar has come close to mastering in his relatively short career.

So Patrickís doing his usual thing, this time at a wedding (Baltazarís own, it appears!), and thatís just fine. So check it out; itís easy to find; just look for the cover with Patrick running.

ó Jim Johnson

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B&W; ca. 2003Art Baltazar, Franco AurelianiArt Baltazar