(Dark Horse, 2004)
and 1999 Spiral Production Group

Like an actual urban legend, the Ring saga has taken on a life of its own, captivating audiences in Asia and America with movies, the original novels, and manga. Birthday originally started as a novel and was adapted into the movie Ring 0 in Japan as well as a comic.

The three stories that make up the book advance the saga forward while also shedding light on the history of Sadako, the menacing girl responsible for the killer videotape. Fans who saw only the American version of the Ring with Naomi Watts might be surprised to find themselves feeling a little sympathetic for the girl with stringy hair in front of her face as she deals with a cruel world. Also discover the story of the man who fell in love with a young Sadako.

Colin Chan

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Graphic novel; Reads right to left; B&WKoji Suzuki, Sakura MizukiSakura Mizuki