Original Man: The Most Powerful Man In the Universe

    (Omega 7)
Omega 7 Comics

A politically-charged comic, Original Man was created as a sort of black Superman. He fights an ongoing battle against crime, and against such pointedly-named bad guys such as the Enslaver and the Aryan Avenger. In the first issue, he also crosses the path of another of Omega 7’s lead characters: the bloodthirsty Darkforce.

Original Man first appeared as one of the ANIA group of Afrocentric comics. As soon as the first issue was published, however, writer/publisher Alonzo Washington split from that group over philosophical differences related to ANIA’s card deal with white-owned Comic Images.

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Flipbook with Darkforce #0; ca. 1992Alonzo WashingtonTony Jappa


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 Alonzo Washington, Tony JappaTony Jappa