Eliminator (Eternity)

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Eliminator takes place in a world where virtual reality has essentially replaced the cold truth of objective reality. Vast cities have grown up within buildings, peopled by zombielike inhabitants who live in a VR haze, and rarely venture outside into the real world. When they do, they encounter the world’s “have-nots”: gangs of marauding thugs who can’t escape from their reality into a more pleasant virtual one.

But the streets are exactly where you must go to find the man known as the Eliminator. He’s a freelance agent who eliminates problems—whether they be data, situations, or people. In the opening color special which preceded the series, he was called on to stop a blackmailer in a scandal involving torture/sex videos—the real kind, not cybernetic fantasies. And when he got to the bottom of things, he dispensed his own brand of justice to those involved.

This series was written by Men in Black creator Lowell Cunningham.

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