HER6   (Axess, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Mike Gerardo & Axess Comics

Gina Ganes a.k.a. Heroine began her career as Omega Girl with Team Omega, a team of U.S. military-sanctioned superhumans genetically engineered by her father, George Ganes. After the death of her father, Team Omega began to drift apart, and her cousin, Mason Ganes a.k.a. Omega Boy left for good and struck out on his own as the Omega, the greatest super-hero of all time. Gina dealt with an untimely pregnancy and eventually established herself as Heroine, the protector of Swan City. This zero-issue by writer/artist Mike Gerardo relates her origin and sets her up for future adventures.

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#0 Variation A

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#0 Variation B

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