Alien Ducklings

 ALIR   (Blackthorne, 1986-1987)

™ and ©1986 Cliff MacGillivray and Andy Ice

From the mid-1980s, “Alien Ducklings” blends the elements of classic funny animal books while spoofing on the then-popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The plot revolves around energy-based aliens fleeing their Overlord through the depths of space. When the aliens arrive on Earth, their superior intellect allows them to emulate the planet’s dominant life form. Three of our intrepid heroes decide that ducks are at the top of the food chain, while the fourth alien (separated from his comrades upon entry into our atmosphere) takes on the form of a pig! Realizing the error of their judgment, but no longer possessing the energy to undergo another metamorphosis, the ducklings and pig decide to make the best of their situation—learning kung fu, witty banter and other typical team-based skills. Hilarity follows as the aliens try to evade their pursuers and blend in to our “strange and backwards” world.

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