Total Eclipse

    (Eclipse, 1988-1989)
Cover ©1988 Bill Sienkiewicz. Total Eclipse, Valkyrie, Skywolf, Zzed & Black Angel ™ Eclipse Enterprises, Inc., Airboy ® Eclipse Enterprises, Inc. Others © their respective creators.

This five-issue series was created in celebration of Eclipse Comics’ tenth anniversary. The story begins with a total eclipse that took place millennia ago. At that moment, a baby was born and was commanded to be sacrificed. The primitive people complied, only to be stunned when the sacrifice…failed.

Since that day, the boy called Zzed has been immortal. But while he once cherished his longevity, he now seeks oblivion destruction above all else. Sadly for him, knives, bullets, bombs, and even dissection are unable to cause him permanent harm. He simply reincorporates, and his life drags on. Finally, he has decided that the only way to destroy himself is to destroy the entire world.

To stop him, Eclipse gathers all of its modern characters, including Miracleman, the Prowler, Strike!, Aztec Ace, and others in an incredible anniversary event.

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14 copies available from $0.75
Versus Misery; Versus ZMarv Wolfman, Timothy TrumanBo Hampton, Brent Anderson


6 copies available from $1.50
 Marv Wolfman, Doug MoenchBo Hampton, Mark Johnson, Tim Sale


3 copies available from $1.69
 Marv Wolfman, Steve GerberBo Hampton, Jim Ritchie, B.C. Boyer, Trina Robbins, Terry Beatty, Mark Pacella, Larry Marder, Cynthis Martin


4 copies available from $2.62
1st Appearance of Doctor Eclipse; Death of Strike!; Miracle Man appearance (scripted by Neil Gaiman)Marv Wolfman, Neil GaimanBo Hampton, Larry Marder, Jim Ritchie, Mark Buckingham


2 copies available from $1.88
Versus MiseryMarv Wolfman, Chuck DixonBo Hampton, Larry Marder, Stan Woch