Jughead as Captain Hero

    (Archie, 1966-1967)
™ and © Archie Publications

Though Archie had many super-heroes in their inventory like The Fly, by the mid-1960s, making super-heroes out of Archie and the gang seemed like a better bet. So, Archie became Pureheart the Powerful and even got a resulting comic book title while Jughead got this one. The stories are quite good, thankfully. The series premiered in Life With Archie and was spun-off as its own not long after. Later in the 90s, Archie returned to these characters in the Archie’s Super Teens series.

— Mark Arnold

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 Joe Edwards, Frank DoyleJoe Edwards, Bill Vigoda


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Versus the Operator; Versus Dr. Nose  


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1st Appearance of the Silencer  


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