Ninja High School Spotlight

 NHSS   (Antarctic, 1996, 1999)

™ and ©1996 Robert DeJesus

This isn’t Japanese manga, but an incredible simulation! Indiana-based artist Robert DeJesus has mastered the wide-eyed, cute teeny-girl style of manga so thoroughly that his work could have easily been ripped from the pages of any telephone book-sized Japanese comic.

Antarctic Press has created a spotlight series featuring Ninja High School artists such as Robert DeJesus, Fred Perry and Ted Nomura. Now, its Rod Espinosa’s moment in the sun as one of everyone’s favorite artists is back with a collection of his earlier Ninja High School stories in one comic. The short stories and pinups from various publications in the past include new and never-before-seen artwork that is only available in this special edition. Find out some of the reasons for the continued popularity of the original American manga comic book.

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Indicia says #29Robert DeJesusRobert DeJesus


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 Fred PerryFred Perry


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Ted NomuraTed NomuraTed Nomura


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Rod Espinosa; Indicia says #1Rod EspinosaRod Espinosa