Dizzy Dames Special Edition

    (ACG, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Roger Broughton

Not a very flattering title, but how else to describe women like Denis and Dottie, desperate to break into show business despite a total lack of any marketable skills? Also, Fritzi and Starlet, who work in the mailroom of a talent agency and are still unable to get an audition without screwing it up. A sorority girl who can’t get a date; and yet another wanna-be actress with little more than the standard Betty and Veronica style good looks but no talent to speak of. In these decades-old screwball stories which almost exclusively feature beautiful women pratfalling their way from one adventure to the next, the shoe of “dizzy dames” certainly seems to fit.

One thing these aren’t, though, is sexy or racy—it’s all good clean fun and hijinks. Collected and published in black-and-white by Avalon Communications’ American Comics Group.

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