The Birthday Riots

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A middle-class man faces middle age and doesn’t particularly like what he sees. Gradually worn down by the compromises the world has foisted upon him, does he still have the fortitude or the scruples to be a worthy husband, father, and citizen?

Recently, everything had been looking up for Max Collins [no relation to the American writer]. He quit being a teacher to be a consultant for a candidate campaigning to be London’s next mayor. But he is plagued by the infidelities of his past, as he confronts the carnal temptations of the present. Meanwhile, as social unrest is boiling over, so is the patience of his daughter, who feels abandoned by her distracted dad. Can Max solve his mid-life crisis before he loses his family and what’s left of his tattered idealism?

In somber monochromes, Nabiel Kanan depicts the travails of a singularly vulnerable everyman. A confluence of events brings Max’s comfortable life suddenly to a head. Guilt arises from duplicity. Cynicism wrestles with altruism. As his conflicted conscience represents the discord ravaging his nation, Max discovers the truth has become too much for one man to bear.

— Oliver Chin

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 Nabiel KananNabiel Kanan