Decapitator (Randy Bowen’s…)

 DERB   (Dark Horse, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Randy Bowen

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)
Randy Bowen is a sculptor who produces collector figurines for various comic companies and Decapitator is an original design marketed in 1996. He re-released the figure and, in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons, cobbled together a feeble story to cross-market the character. Decapitator is a big, testosterone-soaked cyborg gladiator with a replaceable brain, used as a prizefighter by his shadowy owner. Bionica (also available from Bowen Designs) is a sexy cyborg mechanic who keeps the purse-winner in combat readiness whilst schoolboy archaeologist David Burke’s brain is the latest to stuff the empty cranium. The story, such as it is, consists of Bionica’s attempts to stop David’s brain from remembering how it got out of his skull, across the universe, and into this mess. Excellent artwork by Doug Mahnke, Rob McCallum, John Stokes, Stan Manoukian, Vince Roucher, and Gary Erskine sweeten the pill, but not enough to make this palatable. ~WW

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3 copies available from $0.75
 Norm DePlume, Randy BowenDoug Mahnke, Gary Erskine, Jon Stokes, Robert McCallum, Stan Manouk, Vince Roucher


1 copy available for $1.25
 Norm DePlume, Randy BowenStan Manoukian, Vince Rouche


1 copy available for $2.25
 Norm DePlume, Randy BowenMatt Smith


No copies available
 Norm DePlume, Randy BowenStan Manoukian, Vince Rouche