Eternal Warriors: Archer & Armstrong

 EWAA   (Acclaim, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

This apparently one-shot special takes place shortly after the events of Solar, Man of the Atom: Revelations. There, the godlike power of Solar had been transferred to two mortals who quite possibly would end up destroying the world with it.

The recent events triggered a split amongst the immortal family known as the Eternal Warriors. Gilad (the Eternal Warrior from the previous Valiant series) intended to launch a doomsday device to “cleanse the Earth” prior to repopulating it with humans he had spirited away beforehand. Naturally, his brother Aram (“Armstrong”) and Aram’s new sidekick, LeMont Quirrel (replacing the original Archer) must stop Gilad before he accomplishes his much bigger rendition of the old “We had to destroy the village in order to save it” routine.

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Price stickered on coverArt Holcomb, Jeff GomezRobert Teranishi