BLII   (Marvel, 2001)

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The Age of Apocalypse introduced X-Men fans to a dark alternate reality where mutants had declared a genocidal war on normal humans. In this reality, Charles Xavier never founded his school or preached his message of peaceful human/mutant coexistence. Instead, Magneto, joined by familiar characters such as Rogue Sabretooth, leads mutant freedom fighters against Apocalypse’s forces. But one of the most popular new characters was the mysterious purple-skinned teleporter Clarice Ferguson, also known as Blink.

In this solo adventure, the young X-Man finds herself in the midst of yet another resistance fight, this time in the bizarre Negative Zone (a parallel dimension familiar to readers of the Fantastic Four). Suffering from amnesia, Blink reluctantly becomes a key player in the war between the Zone’s former ruler Annihilus and the usurper Blastaar.

The final issue of this mini-series sets up the ongoing Exiles (Marvel) title.

— Joseph Self

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 Scott LobdellTrevor McCarthy


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Versus Blastaar; Age of ApocalypseScott LobdellTrevor McCarthy


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Versus Blastaar; Age of Apocalypse; Blink lover revealed as amnesiatic AnnihilusJudd Winick, Scott LobdellTrevor McCarthy


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1st appearance of Nocturne; Versus Blastaar; Age of Apocalypse; Lead-in to ExilesJudd Winick, Scott LobdellTrevor McCarthy