BF4Q   (John Brown, 1991)

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Blast is one one of the better British pop culture/comics magazines to have appeared in recent years. Although its features range from rock interviews to film previews, the majority of its pages are devoted to comics. These are presented in serial format, and include some of the best of the indies published in England and abroad. Among the most notable: Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, the well-written adventures of a poet stuck in a slablike, but ultra-powerful body; Abulli and Bernet’s Torpedo 1936, the story of a boy who eked out a hard existence in the midst of the depression, but who would grow up to be a hit man; and Charles Burn’s strange cult favorite, “Dog Boy.”

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Mr. Monster; Lazarus Churchyard; Kevin Costner: Prince of Thieves film feature  


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Big BerthaWarren Ellis, Enrique Sánchez Abulí, Peter Bagge, Paul Chadwick, Michael T. GilbertD’Israeli, Jordi Bernet


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Mr. Monster; Big Bertha; Dog BoyWarren Ellis, Charles Burns, Glenn Dakin, Paul Chadwick, Michael T. GilbertWilliam F. Loebs


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Batman vs. Judge Dredd; Lazarus Churchyard; Big Bertha; Mr. Monster  


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Mr. Monster; Big Bertha; Lazarus ChurchyardWarren Ellis, Paul Chadwick, Yan Shimony, Charles Burns, Enrique Sánchez Abulí, Michael T. GilbertD’Israeli, Paul Chadwick, Marta Muerta, Charles Burns, Jordi Bernet, William F. Loebs


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 Warren Ellis, Enrique Sánchez Abulí, Marta Muerta, Stan Nicholls, Paul Chadwick, Peter Bagge, Colin De SuinnJordi Bernet, Yan Shimony, Dave Hine


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