X-Men & The Micronauts

 XMTN   (Marvel, 1984)

™ and ©1984 Marvel Entertainment Group. The Micronauts ® and ©1984 MEGO Corp.

This tale begins when Baron Karza, the dread nemesis of the Micronauts, is quite literally thrust into our universe. Landing in the Uncanny X-Men’s danger room, he is on the verge of defeat when Kitty Pryde tries to stun him by phasing through him. But their molecules interact strangely, and instead of merely disabling Karza, Kitty’s mind become somehow switched with his, and she falls unconscious in her new body. Then, with the X-Men not realizing the switch, Karza determines to turn the situation to his advantage by leading Kitty’s teammates into the Microverse.

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