Code of Honor

 COOH   (Marvel, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Marvel Entertainment Group

Code of Honor is perhaps the truest descendent of the blockbuster hit Marvels. Like that series, Code of Honor takes a “man in the street” look at a world filled with super-heroes, and features beautifully painted artwork throughout. The first follow-ups to Marvels, however, seemed more like attempts to cash in with high-priced special editions than an effort at serious storytelling.

Thanks to the efforts of veteran writer Chuck Dixon, Code of Honor is a pleasant return to form. It focuses on more recent events in the Marvel Universe, as seen through the eyes of New York’s police force. Reading more like a cop drama with super-heroes in the background, it brings real pathos and humanity to a genre that often seems to consist of little more than people in colorful costumes flying around and hitting each other.

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1 of 4Chuck DixonBrad Parker, Tristan Shane


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 Chuck DixonTerese Nielsen, Vincent Evans


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 Chuck DixonBob Wakelin, Derick Gröss, Paul Lee


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 Chuck DixonBrad Parker