GODH   (Anubis, 1992)

©1992 John T. Bergerud and Tammy Van Atta

This is a strange one. It begins in another world where assassins fight with swords, bo-sticks, and super-powers. Eventually, the leader of one side claims his bloody victory, and accompanies his men into an interrogation chamber. There, two brothers, Kyle and Eric, are being held. The leader delights in torturing them, but the objective seems to be merely to inflict pain—not to gain information.

Then, Kyle wakes up.

He is dressed in the same clothing as in his dream, as is his brother. Worse, the same strange figures that had haunted his dream world are here with him. What on earth have the guys gotten themselves into?

Although itself an unremarkable comic, Godhead is notable for issue #1’s tie-in to Animal Mystic (of the Cry for Dawn mythos).

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  John T. Bergerud

#1 Limited Edition

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Limited edition; 1st appearance of Jhatori John T. Bergerud


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#2 Limited Edition

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Numbered, Limited edition (1500 printed) John T. Bergerud


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