Vampire Vixens

    (Acid Rain, 1993)
©1993 Mark Paniccia

Mark Panicci’s Vampire Vixens explores the “lives” of three beautiful women who just happen to be among the undead. Raven-haired Jezebelle views love as a game and knows how to use her unearthly charms to get what she wants. Tough-looking Ivanna is both sexy and world-weary, disdainful of men’s promises and their apparent appetite for self-destruction. Catherine, in contrast, is a romantic, to whom love is everything—an all-consuming passion.

More an illustrated text piece than a traditional comic book, Vampire Vixens compares the views of these three temptresses on love, sex, and their deadly pursuit of immortality. Ironically, though Catherine is the only one among them who truly believes in love, the men who fall into her arms face the worst danger of all.

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ca. 1993Mark PanicciaMark Paniccia