DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America

    (DC, 2004)
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In 2004, Julius Schwartz passed away having left his mark in the classics of comics. Many times, he would come up with a cover idea and let them inspire writers in need of story ideas. DC chose to celebrate the legacy of Julie by letting new artists and writers come up with new renditions of these classic tales.

Jose Garcia-Lopez and Kevin Knowlan take a shot at Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson’s classic Justice League of America #53 cover. “Secret Behind the Stolen Super-Weapons” puts Julie into the story big time in this tale written by the great Harlan Ellison, adapted by Peter David and featuring Joe Giella’s art. “Mayhem of the Mysterious Marauders,” was put together by Marv Wolfman, Dustin Nguyen, and Richard Friend in this tale of time traveling turn arounds. Alan Moore has a fine obituary at the end for Julie.

— Ron Black

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 Harlan Ellison, Peter David, Marv Wolfman, Alan MooreJoe Giella, Dustin Nguyen