Robotech Warriors

    (Academy, 1995)
™ and © 1985 Harmony Gold U.S.A. Inc./Tatsunoko Productions Co.

The Zentraedi are a race of giant warriors created by the technologically advanced Robotech Masters, and used as both explorers and soldiers in the Masters’ huge empire. When a Master scientist named Zor sent his prototype space ship into hyperspace, the Zentraedi were called upon to retrieve the ship. The Super-Dimensional Fortress, or SDF-1, contains records of all the knowledge gleaned by Zor during his explorations. Wary of the uses to which his superiors would put the information contained within his ship’s data banks, but unwilling to destroy his creation, Zor chose to send the ship on an endless dimension-hopping journey. This is the story of the group of Zentraedi sent after the SDF-1, and the dangers they face as they find themselves exploring the unknown reaches of the universe.

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B&WBill SpanglerByron Penaranda


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B&WBill SpanglerByron Penaranda, Jonard Soriano


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B&WBill SpanglerByron Penaranda, Jonard Soriano