Mystical Prince Yoshida-kun

 MPYK   (ADV Manga, 2004)

™ and © Yoshimura Natsuki

When King Dark Fleet of Hell suddenly renounces his throne and names a seemingly ordinary high school boy named Yoshida Kaoru as his successor, he throws his realm into chaos, and two demons are quickly dispatched to Earth to eliminate him. What could have easily been the premise for just another Devilman anti–hero–style melodrama is, instead, a low–key comedy with a strange rhythm all its own. It helps that (of course) Kaoru is no run–of–the–mill teen. He’s not demonic, just weird: always accompanied by his friend Ageha (who, for once in a manga, is a girl who’s just a friend and not a potential girlfriend), as he becomes briefly obsessed with one thing after another. He goes from stage magic to carving images on a grain of rice to the longest storyline, where he becomes immersed in a Power Rangers–type TV show and drags those around him into his fantasy play, including the less–than–competent demons intent on killing him. It’s refreshingly silly and utterly original.

— S.A. Bennett

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