(Epic, 1993)
©1993 Mike Baron and Mark Nelson

Feud is an offbeat and funny look at warfare and social rivalry. The players in this story are four different societies of prehistoric-looking creatures. The Stokers live in a tower in the middle of a desert plain where they make weapons, armors and assault rifles which they sell to their neighbors, becoming quite rich in the process. The frog-like Skids trade their fish catch to the Stokers in exchange for weaponry. In a similar vein, the powerful Grunts trade them precious gems and metals. Lastly, the Pteranodon-like Kites are artisans, creating music and paintings which are prized by others.

For reasons of their own, the Kites have decided to engineer a feud between the Stokers and the Skids, by capturing the royal tadpole. What follows is warfare at its strangest, with frog-caused tidal waves, surfing attack squads, and prisoners of war who are destined for their captorsí dinner plates.

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Ashcan #1

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