PHOE   (Atlas, 1975)

ô and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

A freak accident brought disaster to the space station, forcing the astronauts to hastily evacuate. Tragically, the heat shields on their escape craft were damaged by debris, and all but one died in the heat and fire that followed their reentry into Earthís atmosphere. Only Ed Tyler lived long enough to crawl ashore in the frozen wastes of the Arctic.

But Tylerís dramatic landing did not go unnoticed. A race of aliens that had long been observing the Earth took his unconscious body into its Arctic base for study. When Tyler learned of the aliensí eventual plans to destroy mankind, he set out to escape. He stole one of the aliensí outfits, as well as a set of atomic transistors which gave the ability to channel energy at the atomic level. With that awesome power, Tyler destroyed the alien base. Other aliens remained, though, determined to hunt him down. Having risen from the ashes of tragedy like a phoenix, Tyler must use these new powers to save himself and the Earth.

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12 copies available from $2.50
1st Appearance of Phoenix (Ed Tyler); 1st Appearance of Leslie Tyler; Origin of Phoenix (Ed Tyler)Jeff RovinSal Amendola


8 copies available from $4.00
2nd Appearance of Phoenix (Ed Tyler); 2nd Appearance of Leslie TylerGabriel LevySal Amendola


11 copies available from $1.50
Origin of the Dark AvengerGabriel Levy, John AlbanoSal Amendola, Pat Broderick


4 copies available from $2.25
Final issueGary FriedrichRic Estrada