From the Darkness Book II: Blood Vows

 FTDV   (CFD, 1993)

™ and © 1993 Polgardy and Balent

A lot of creatures come from the darkness, including monsters…and vampires. These vampires happen to take the form of naked, voluptuous women, but that eye-pleasing fact can’t hide the bloodthirsty evil they embody or their true, monstrous nature. Their seemingly unkillable leader, Desnoirs, is determined to eliminate the enemy who “killed” her once before, biker Ray Thorn. Thorn isn’t alone, though—and neither he nor his friends are strangers to fighting vampires. This time, and with the life of his lover at stake, he’ll finish the job, no matter the cost.

Written by Ed Polgardy, this mini-series is most noteworthy for featuring the art of Jim Balent, who later rose to fame penciling Catwoman for DC Comics. Published by Cry For Dawn Productions, in black-and-white.

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Adult; B&W; ca. 1992Ed PolgardyJim Balent


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Adult; B&W; ca. 1992Ed PolgardyJim Balent


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AdultEd PolgardyJim Balent