CONT   (Eclipse, 1987)

™ and © 1987 Eclipse Comics

Lord Zarkon, leader of endless pirate legions and commander of an armada of buccaneer warships, controls the space-lanes with an iron grip. Feared throughout the cosmos, his credit history is impeccable…well, at least at first glance. It seems the evil overlord has fallen behind on his payments to First Intersolar Bank.

Enter Buck Smokeburn and Max Fiftyseven, inter-stellar repo guys who’ll tackle any job, or pirate horde, as long as the price is right. When a special money shipment falls into Zarkon’s greedy hands, Buck and Max are called in. Poorly disguised as Galactic Girl Scout cookie sellers, the Contractors manage to infiltrate Zarkon’s stronghold, rescue the courier and get safely away, but the bank’s money shipment is left behind. Imagine Zarkon’s surprise when he discovers it was all just an elaborate ruse to deliver a long avoided Past Due Notice

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