Avengers: United They Stand

    (Marvel, 1999-2000)
™ and ©1999 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Earth’s mightiest heroes, banded together to protect mankind from any threat. Aided by fantastic armor, Ant Man, Tigra, Hawkeye, The Scarlet Witch, The Wasp, and Wonder Man battle insane criminal organizations, mad robots, and super-villains in their never ending battle against the forces of evil.

With Marvel’s adaptation of their animated series, Avengers: United They Stand, we get a look at Marvel characters in a slightly twisted light. This version of the Avengers relies heavily on the brain power of Hank Pym and the versatility of their specialized armor which comes into play whenever needed. Like most of Marvel’s animated re–tellings, writers have attempted to take the best of years of classic stories and sift them down to a continuing thirty–minute format. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

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