No Illusions

 NOIL   (Comics Defence Fund, 1996)

™ and ©1996 the respective creators

No Illusions is an anthology book created to benefit the United Kingdom-based Comics Defense Fund. It is filled with short stories ranging in length from one to eight pages, in a wide variety of styles.

As examples of the content, “Judge 45” introduces a Prohibition-era vigilante, hunting down a preacher involved in bootlegging and white slavery.

“Lavender Hill Dogs,” in a nod to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, brings four elderly ex-cons together to seek revenge against the man who sent them to jail twenty-five years earlier.

And in “War Games,” a team of government operatives from the year 2420 are tested in a game of super-powers and wits by their battle-hardened leader, Deathshroud.

No Illusions was originally organized to benefit Knockabout Comics in a legal battle with the British Customs & Excise agency over a shipment of underground comix, which included books by Robert Crumb.

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