Warriors of Plasm Graphic Novel

    (Defiant, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Defiant, a division of Enlightened Entertainment Partners, L.P.

The first and last graphic novel from Defiant Comics asks the question, “What do five people who have become super-heroes in another dimension, do when Christmas comes around?” Here the people in question are the Warriors of Plasm: Mrs. J, Reverend Gilbert, Shooter, Mouse, and Nudge. They were the only survivors of a genetic experiment in which ten thousand humans were pulled from Earth to the far-off world of Plasm with the intention of transforming them into rebel soldiers for Supreme Acquisitor Lorca. All but five of the subjects died in the process, but the remaining ones gained super-powers which gave Lorca the revolution he desired.

Now Lorca rules Plasm, although the old emperor’s forces have gained access to the heart of the world itself and are mass-cloning new armies. In between efforts to stop this new threat, the five think back to their old world and wonder if they might ever again be…home for the holidays.

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Home for the HolidaysLen WeinDave Cockrum