Emily & The Intergalatic Lemonade Stand

    (Amaze Ink, 2004)
™ and © Amaze Ink

Who says no one makes comics for girls? Well, here’s one, at least, although it’s technically a graphic novel, not a comic book, and it’s only for young readers whose parents are willing to shell out 13 bucks, but hey. Details, details.

Considering the apparent intended audience, this might have been a little less intimidating financially, if it had been released as a comic-book mini-series, but then it likely wouldn’t have found its audience in the first place. Sticker shock aside, this cute story about a girl who, with her pet robot, sells lemonade on the other side of the galaxy is oddly charming. Kids won’t mind that Emily is the umpteen millionth little girl in literature to want a pony or that there’s no explanation of just why Emily owns a robot that can teleport across the cosmos.

With such a soft premise, adults will probably find it only mildly amusing, at best, but youngsters who thrive on such cartoons as The Powerpuff Girls and its ilk will probably be more forgiving of its flaws and enjoy this.

— Jim Johnson

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