Butt Biscuit

 BUTB   (Fantagraphics, 1992)

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A disturbing and edgy comic, Butt Biscuit relies heavily on dark humor and the ever-popular gross-out factor to further its story, constantly one-upping itself with one shocking incident after another. The storyline follows the kidnapping of a mentally challenged boy, and the effect his disappearance has on his hometown. Hapless young Danny Wethington cannot help but invoke sympathy as he is forced into slavery as the unfortunate star of pedophiliac, sadomasochistic porn films.

There is an active attempt here on the part of the creators to avoid the politically correct. The comic takes pot shots at multiple targets, presenting institutions such as the police and the news media, and groups such as homosexuals and the mentally retarded, in a decidedly unflattering light. The shocking subject matter challenges established views of appropriate behavior and common decency, allowing the reader to question why un-crossable lines should not be crossed.

Dean Williams’ salacious plot and Ted Couldron’s crude illustration style bring a level of trashy grit to the book, providing a gleeful lack of consideration of its readers’ hurt feelings.

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