Mantech Robot Warriors

 MARW   (Archie, 1984-1985)

ô and ©1984 Mel Appel Enterprises, Inc.

Evil robot warriors fight to take over the planet, Mekka. The inhabitants of the planet had no hope until the planetís leading scientist finds an old spacecraft floating in space. The ship contains the decaying bodies of the earthlings. The menís bodies are beyond help, so the scientist affixes their heads to robotic bodies. After the shock of their situation wears off, the three men decide that they have no choice but to help defend the planet from the attacking robots. They call themselves the Mantech Robot Warriors and take up individual identities derived from each personís unique specialty: Aquatech (water), Lasertech (lasers), and Solartech (sun powers).

Archie Comics, known forówellóArchie Comics, published Mantech warriors as part of an adventure line of comics in 1984.

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1st appearance of Mantechs; Origin of MantechsRich MargopoulosDick Ayers


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 Rich MargopoulosDick Ayers


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Final IssueRich MargopoulosDick Ayers