MUTI   (Marvel, 2002)

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Writer Karl Bollers kicked off this series with a controversial tale called “The Changeling” which centered around the all-too-familiar ground of high school bullies and the picked-on kid who decides to get even. Mix in a bit of mutant hatred, and you have the makings of a series which captures the sense of being “different” that drove the early issues of the X-Men.

Muties promises to be a hard-edged look at what it’s like for “muties”—children at the age of puberty who are suddenly discovering that their genetic make-up makes them different than everyone else. In time, they might become the sort of flashy, seemingly-all powerful super-heroes that the X-Men are, but for now, they’re struggling to adjust to a world which fears the thing they are turning into.

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 Karl BollersPeter Ferguson, Salgood Sam


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 Karl BollersPatrick Spaziante


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 Karl BollersDean Haspiel


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 Karl Bollers, Ron ZimmermanTrent Kanuiga, Greg Capullo


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 Karl BollersCharlie Adlard


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 Karl BollersSalgood Sam