Lady Crime

©1992 Americomics

Patterned after “Mr. Crime” from Charles Biro’s classic series Crime Does Not Pay, Lady Crime was a pale, but gorgeous figure who lured men into crime—and ultimately, to their doom. She appeared in just a few issues of Kerry Drake, back in the late 1940s. She returns now in this AC comics reprint of crime stories from the pre-Code era.

Presented here are “Murder For Pennies” from Kerry Drake #8 in which Lady Crime appears out of nowhere to entice a couple of kids to murder a hobo, then vanishes just as the police were showing up. AC also borrows Lady Crime to narrate two other crime stories: “Aristocrat of Crime” from Down with Crime and “Underground to Oblivion” wherein secret agents work to bust a secret pipeline used to ferry Nazi criminals to safety.

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