Race of Scorpions

 RAOS   (Dark Horse, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Leo Durañona

Years from now, pollution causes the world’s oceans to become encrusted with seaweed, eventually sealing the water below an impenetrable crust and turning the world into a vast desert. Fresh water became the only resource worth fighting for.

Leo Durañona’s four-issue mini-series tells the tale of four wanderers who set out in search of new sources of water. Argos is chief scientist in Golden City, an oasis of civilization under siege from the Deviates, a race of scavengers. Argos is accompanied by Ka, his manservant; Dito, a wayward child under Argos’ care; and Alma, a young woman who fled an unwanted marriage. Argos had struck upon a plan to drill through the desert crust at a weak point, unleashing the water below. If he succeeds, the world might bloom again. The task would not be easy, however, as the party must avoid all the perils of the desert, both animal and human.

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