Black Phantom

    (AC, 1989-1990)
™ 1989 Americomics, © AC Comics

Black Phantom originally appeared in Tim Holt comics as a sexy lady outlaw, but Holt helped her to see the error of her wicked ways and turned her into a masked crimefighter who occasionally rode with him when he took on the alter ego of Redmask of the Rio Grande. The first issue of Black Phantom appeared in 1954, and stories from that title—as well as other Black Phantom tales—are reprinted in this series from Bill Black’s AC Comics. The series also features appearances by Holt as Redmask, as well as other typical Western fare. Incidentally, many of the stories were written by Gardner Fox, the legendary creator of both the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America.

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B&WGardner FoxFrank Bolle, Dick Ayers


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ca. 1990Bill Black, Gardner FoxFrank Bolle, Nick Northey


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B&W; ca. 1990Bill BlackFrank Bolle, Nick Northey, Dick Ayers